Payton E. Rodman

Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge, Madingley Rd, Cambridge CB3 0HA

Summary of Research Interests

My current research, supervised by Professor Christopher Reynolds, focuses on the production of strong magnetic fields via dynamo action within accretion discs around supermassive black holes, such as those found in the centres of massive galaxies. My thesis aims to investigate different field configurations and their evolution using the magnetohydrodynamical (MHD) code Athena++.


Doctor of Philosophy in Astronomy, University of Cambridge, 2019-present

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Physics, University of Tasmania, 2018

Bachelor of Science in Physics and Applied Mathematics, University of Tasmania, 2015-2017

Refereed Publications

  1. Radio Galaxy Zoo: observational evidence for environment as the cause of radio source asymmetry
    • Rodman, P.E., Turner, R.J., Shabala, S.S., Banfield, J.K., Wong, O.-I., Andernach, H., Garon, A.F., Kapińska, A.D., Norris, R.P., Rudnick, L. (2019), MNRAS, 482(4):5625-5641

Research Experience

Undergraduate Vacation Scholar, CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, Nov 2016—Feb 2017

Summer Research Student, University of Tasmania, Nov 2015—Feb 2016

Awards, Prizes, and Scholarships

Department Talks

Cambridge Institute of Astronomy, Wednesday Seminar talk, 2021

Cambridge Institute of Astronomy, X-ray BunClub, Jan 2020

UTAS School of Natural Sciences, Sept 2019

UTAS School of Natural Sciences, Oct 2018

CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science, 15 Minutes of Fame, Feb 2017

UTAS School of Natural Sciences, Feb 2016

Teaching Experience

Supervisor (recitation sections of 3 students), University of Cambridge, Lent 2020

Marker, University of Tasmania

Peer tutor, University of Tasmania, Sem 1 2017

Technical Skills

Public Outreach