Payton Rodman

Payton Rodman

PhD Candidate in Astronomy

Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge

I am a current PhD student at the Institute of Astronomy within the University of Cambridge, and a student of Churchill College. My research interests include the theory of black hole accretion discs, specifically the production and amplification of magnetic fields via the dynamo process. I study these systems through a mix of theory and simulation using the Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) code Athena++.

In the future I plan to work towards self-consistent models and realistic simulations of AGN which include accretion disks, jets, and coronae — a true “unified theory” of AGN.

You can find a copy of my CV here: Download my CV


  • Black holes
  • Accretion disks
  • Active Galactic Nuclei
  • Magnetic dynamos


  • PhD in Astronomy, expected 2023(ish)

    University of Cambridge

  • BSc (Hons) in Physics, 2018

    University of Tasmania

  • BSc in Physics and Applied Mathematics, 2017

    University of Tasmania