Payton. E. Rodman

I completed my BSc at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) in 2017, and received my BSc (Hons) a year later with my thesis “Probing intracluster gas with Faraday Rotation from black hole jets”, supervised by Dr. Stas Shabala and Dr. Ross Turner. During my time at UTAS I worked with the citizen science project Radio Galaxy Zoo, investigating how the environment around black hole jets might affect their appearance, with more dense environments preferentially leading to shorter and brighter jets.

I’m also keenly interested in scientific outreach, and have been working with the astronomy festival Tastrofest and the Young Tassie Scientists to take astrophysics out of the office and into schools around Tasmania.

Beginning October 2019, I will be working at the University of Cambridge under Prof. Chris Reynolds as a Gates-Cambridge Scholar, studying how material accretes onto black holes and how instabilities within this system may lead to variability at X-ray wavelengths.